Supplemental Instruction at WVU
Amber Pic

Amber Lindsey

Major: Biology
Hometown: Parkersburg, WV

I am currently studying Biology at WVU and have been on the President’s List and my college’s Dean’s List. Chemistry is one of my favorite areas of study; I am particularly fascinated by organic reactions. In my spare time, I volunteer in the community and spend time with family. I also enjoy reading and playing the piano.   


Olivia Dodd Pic

Olivia Dodd

Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Charleston, WV

I was salutatorian of my graduating high school class in Charleston, WV. I participated in sports in school and still enjoy running. I am majoring in chemistry and motoring in forensics and would like to be a forensic analyst once graduated.    


Courtney D. Pic

Christine Doepker

Major: Biology/Pre-Medicine
Hometown: Short Gap, WV

I graduated third in my class at Frankfort High School in Short Gap, WV. I plan on attending Medical School where I aim to work with children. I received the CRC Press Freshman Achievement Award in 2014 for a perfect score on the Chem 115 Final and have made the President’s list for both my semesters at WVU. I am Treasurer of the Pre-Medical club, volunteer at Ruby Memorial Hospital, and a member of the MED Life Chapter at WVU. In the summer I am a camp counselor at Mercersburg Adventure Camp and spend my downtime hanging with friends in hammocks or around a campfire.    



Mary Pic

Mary Coleman

Major: Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Hometown: Wheeling, WV

I’m originally from Wheeling, WV and graduated from Wheeling Park High School. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Animal and Nutritional Sciences with plans to apply to Veterinary school next year. I truly love having to think and problem solve and I’m always up for a challenge, which is probably part of the reason I found myself enjoying the sciences so much. I’m an avid equestrian and also love every minute of my job working at a vet clinic and enjoy volunteering my time at the animal shelter and local spay/neuter voucher program.   



< Jessica Carls Pic

Jessica Carls

Major: Biology
Hometown: Ridgeley, WV

I am a sophomore biology major here at WVU. I plan on becoming an Optometrist or PA. I was awarded the John H Strohl Chemistry 110 award for the highest grade in all sections and have made President’s and Dean’s list my freshmen year. In my free time, I volunteer at the local animal shelter.    


Jessica A. Pic

Jessica Arvon

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Charleston, WV

I went to George Washington High School in Charleston, West Virginia. I am a sophomore Biochemistry major on the ACS track. Chemistry is by far my favorite subject, and I look forward to helping you with it! In addition to being a PLTL leader, I am also a teaching assistant for Biology 115, and instruct a freshman orientation class for honors students. Outside of class I love to ski and watch Netflix.    



Claire S.

Claire Struebing

Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV

I graduated from Martinsburg High School in 2015. I am currently studying Chemistry and plan on pursuing a doctoral degree post-graduation. Dance is a passion of mine and I enjoy meeting new people and spending time with friends. I hope to help people realize that they are capable of succeeding in their Chemistry classes.    


Sydney Pic

Sydney Giles

Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Oak Hill, WV

I grew up in the military and moved around throughout most of my life before settling in my parents’ hometown of Oak Hill. I was born in Turkey and also lived in Guam and England. I very much enjoy calculus and chemistry. I am currently a mathematics major, though I am considering double majoring in mathematics and chemistry.    


Allison Pic II

Allison Schroeder

Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Dayton, OH

I am from Dayton, OH and graduated from Kettering Fairmont High School. I am currently pursuing a BS in Chemistry. I plan to go to grad school to become a Material Scientist. I have a strong passion for Chemistry and love doing problems for fun. Also, I am on the WVU softball team. I’m very outgoing and easy to get along with, so come with questions because I’m here to help! 😊    


Steven I Pic

Steven Wu

Major: Biology
Hometown: Morgantown, WV

I am from right here in Morgantown and graduated from Morgantown High School. I am currently majoring in Biology and have goals of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. For me I believe Chemistry has several fantastic components. In addition to enhancing problem solving, it also forms a basis for explanation of how everything functions. Hobbies of mine include tennis, basketball, ping pong, and video games. A quirky fact about me is that while I write with my right hand, I play sports with my left hand.